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License Requirements

Utah License Renewal
You currently have or once had a Utah License that you would like to renew or upgrade to a Level  2. Find out the requirements for renewing and/or upgrading your license.

Initial Licensure
You are interested in entering the teaching profession.

Endorsements, Demonstrated Competency and Lines of Evidence.

License Areas of Concentration
You would like to add an area of concentration to your license.

Licensing Rules, Policies and State Law
Information on licensing rules for Utah educators

Licensing Fees
Information on fees

Fingerprinting and Background Checks
Policy regarding fingerprinting and background checks.

Professional Practices Advisory
The Utah Professional Practices Advisory Commission (UPPAC) is the arm of the Utah State Board of Education (USBE) charged with promoting and maintaining the high degree of professional ethics and practice required in the education profession.

Testing Requirements (See Praxis Test Chart)
You need to take and pass a test to get a license, area of concentration, and endorsement.