License Renewals

Returning Educator Re-licensure Program

Policy and Procedures

The Returning Educator Re-licensure Program assists previously licensed educators who are not currently employed to return to teaching while completing requirements for complete license renewal.  The requirements for the program are below.

Employment and Plan 

Step 1

Inactive educator with at least a one year expired license desires to return to employment in a Utah public district/charter school.

Step 2

Returning educator complete a background check (unless background cleared within the last year) and ethics review through Educator Licensing Online.

Step 3

Returning educator obtains contract with a Utah district/charter for employment and assignment is entered into the CACTUS data system.

Step 4

Returning educator and supervisor jointly complete Return to Licensure Application with professional development plan (examples of appropriate plans) after an assessment of the following:

  • Length of previous successful teaching experience
  • Time span between previous and current employment
  • Formal education preparation
  • Professional knowledge, skills and dispositions as observed through formal evaluations in the first 30 days of employment
  • Current district and school student achievement goals
  • Current assignment
  • Examples of Appropriate Plans

Step 5

Returning Educator submits plan within 30 days of hire along with the $35 application fee to USOE.  An email will be sent to educator when application is approved.

Step 6

Educator is issued a Level 1 license, valid for one school year by USOE.

Work on Plan

Step 7

Educator works to complete development plan throughout the school year.  Where applicable, returning educator takes and passes appropriate exams needed for HQ and licensure status

Completion of License Renewal

Step 8

Employing principal/director reviews the educator’s progress towards renewal of the original license level near the end of the first year of employment.

Step 9

The schools submits the Return to License Renewal Application complete with signatures from educator, principal/director and human resource director and a $15 fee to USOE between April 1st and June 1st of the current school year.

If returning educator was a Level 1 license holder when the license lapsed, they are now subject to all EYE requirements, including passing appropriate Board approved exams. EYE must be completed before moving to a Level II.

No professional development points are required for this renewal program.

If returning educator fails to meet requirements for licensure or does not submit the Return to Licensure Renewal Application by June 1st, the educator will need to complete a regular renewal program with the appropriate points.

If you have questions concerning this Returning Educator Re-Licensure Program, please contact jane [dot] conway [at] schools [dot] utah [dot] gov (Jane Conway), (801) 538-7532.