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Administrators Approving License Renewal

This page is designed to assist licensed administrators that are signing-off on the renewal form for licensed Utah educators. We strongly recommend that all licensed Utah administrators read through the new rule governing license renewal; R277-500. The information on this website is intended to assist administrators in verifying Utah educator license renewal but it does not replace nor supersede the information in that rule.

An administrator licensed in another state may sign a Utah license renewal form or a Professional Learning Plan for an individual living outside of Utah. Any such individual must have a current education administrator license in another state and must have reviewed the Utah License Renewal Rules; see link above.

When reviewing a Utah license renewal form or a Professional Learning Plan please keep in mind that the Utah License Renewal Rules are intended to ensure that Utah license holders continually engage in appropriate professional learning intended to improve their instructional skills. The Utah State Board of Education (USBE) anticipates that unique situations will occur and that the licensed administrator may have to exercise their own professional judgment in regards to a particular renewal. When in doubt, you are always welcome to call our general licensing help line, (801) 538-7740, for clarification.

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Professional Learning Plan Form - Inactive Educators

Level 1 License Renewal Form

Level 2/3 License Renewal Form