Endorsements and Early Childhood Education (ECE) License Area

Computer Science Endorsement (K-12)

A teacher with a teaching major or minor in Computer Science will receive an endorsement to teach any class in Secondary Information Technology (IT) which grants IT Core credit.

An elementary teacher whose assignment is as the school's technology teacher instead of teaching a regular class should have a Educational Technology or a Computer Science Endorsement.

This endorsement is required in order to teach any information technology programming class.

[ ] Computer Science teaching major or minor


[ ] Twelve quarter hours of computer science courses must be completed in addition to all requirements for the Computer Literacy Endorsement. These additional 12 quarter hours must include the following classes: Structured Programming and Data Structures

Submit transcripts and available course outlines (syllabi) for evaluation.


[ ] Demonstrated Competency. In order to be eligible to apply for demonstrated competency, you must have taught (under contract) for two years in the subject within the previous five-year period. This experience must have taken place in Utah. Lines of evidence may include any or all of the following: transcripts, Professional Development courses, recommendation of your principals and others, and/or a passing score from a standardized test in the subject in which the endorsement is sought. Submit all materials supporting any of the acceptable lines of evidence including a cover letter identifying the subject area to be evaluated to the certification office of the Utah State Office of Education. A committee will evaluate your application.

Complete the following:

1. Computer Science Level 1 Endorsement Application | Computer Science Level 2 Endorsement Application

2. On the endorsement form, mark the boxes with an "X" to indicate that the minimum requirement in each area has been met.

3. Attach your original transcript(s), and highlight corresponding classes.

For more information, please contact kathy [dot] webb [at] schools [dot] utah [dot] gov (Kathy Webb), Education Technology Coordinator, at (801) 538-7564.

Send the highlighted transcript, $25 processing fee, and completed application to:

Utah State Office of Education
Teaching and Learning - Endorsements
250 East 500 South
PO Box 144200
Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-4200