General Information

          USOE Contact List

          Agenda (Short Version)

          Agenda (Expanded Version)

          Teaching PPT

          Promises to Keep

          Educator Effectiveness Model

          Model Evaluation

          Four Corners

          Four Corners 4 Signs

          Lead Evaluator Roles

          Evaluator Knowledge and Skills

          Steps in the Process of the Summative Cycle

          Evaluation Cycle Detail

          Educator Effectiveness Links


     Teaching Standards

          Utah Effective Teaching Standards

          Teaching Standards Foldout

          Becoming Familiar with the UETS

          Observation Tool Standards 1-10

          Case Study

          Case Study Observation Tool


     Utah Teaching Observation Tool

          Utah Teaching Observation Tool 2.0 CHART

          Utah Teaching Observation Tool 2.0       

          UTOT Summary Rating Sheet

          District Inter-Rater-Reliability Quick Guide

          Using Venues

          Conference for Consultant Version

          Practice Video 8th Grade Science

               8th Grade Science Video

               8th Grade Science Evidence Documents

               Rating Sheet for 8th Grade Science

          Practice Video 11th Grade History

               11th Grade History Video

               11th Grade History Evidence Documents

               Rating Sheet for 11th Grade History



          Teacher Orientation PPT

          Teacher Orientation Video