True North Logic Platform Update Webinar - August 2013

Lead Evaluator Toolkit


     Educational Leadership


Student Learning Objective (SLO) Resources

     SLO Study 2014 Webinar Dec. 18, 2013

     PPT from the SLO Study 2014 Webinar (12-18-13)


     FAQs for SLOs (Oct 2013)

     SLO Dates to Remember

     LEA SLO Specialist Contact List

     USOE State Technical Assistance Team (STAT) Contact List


     Utah SLO Planning Template (save to your computer first, then add content)

     Rubric for Assessing High Quality SLOs


        State Examples of SLOs (coming soon)


   SLO Meeting Handouts and Resources

       December 18, 2013

          Webinar Video

          Webinar PPT

       December 12-13, 2013

          Resources Packet - Dec 2013

          UT SLO HQ Assessment Review Tool

          Determining High Quality Assessments for SLOs - PPT


       November 12-13, 2013

             Resources Packet - Nov 2013

             Learning Tasks Packet - Nov 2013

             Developing High Quality SLOs - PPT

       October 29, 2013

             SLO Introduction Video Link

             SLO LEA SLO Meeting - October 29, 2013 - PPT

             Group Learning Task - Intro to SLOs

             Introduction to SLOs

             USOE List of SLOs to use in the Study

        May 2013

             Student Learning Objectives (SLO) Webinar Video - May 2013                                     SLO Webinar PPT


     SLO References


Additional Educator Effectiveness Resources

UASCD Annual Conference Flyer for Nov. 7

Additional SLO Information

An Overview of Student Growth Percentiles

An Overview of the Work of the Student Growth Workgroup 

Educational Leadership Measurement Tools Workshop Presentation

Educator Evaluation Presentation

Laura Goe, Ph.D.

Measures of Effective Teaching Project

National Comprehensive Center for Teacher Quality

Teaching Evaluation Tool Work Group Presentation

Utah Educator Evaluation Summit Presentation

Update from the Student Growth Workgroup Presentation