Alternative Routes to Licensure (ARL)

For Secondary Education or Career and Technical Education (CTE) Eligibility

Secondary Education candidates must complete the Praxis testing, and all content endorsement requirements (except the Methods course which can be taken after hire) prior to eligibility (*see exceptions below). Applicants must complete the appropriate endorsement form(s) and submit those with their application.

Contact information for Secondary Education areas

English/Language Arts

Garret Rose

(801) 538-7616

Find Arts

Cathy Jensen

(801) 538-7793

Library Media

Jennifer Throndsen

(801) 538-7893

Mathematics 3 or 4

Joleigh Honey

(801) 538-7794

Physical Education/Health

Linda Mayne

(801) 538-7734


Ricky Scott

(801) 538-7808

Social Studies

Robert Austin

(801) 538-7575

World Languages

Gregg Roberts

(801) 538-7743

For CTE Career and Applied Technology Eligibility
No Bachelor's degree is required in certain CTE areas, but a person must have experience and certifications in a CTE Career and Applied Technology area. (Only available in Family and Consumer Science (FACS), Health Science, Information Technology, Skills and Technical areas. Adult Education has a separate CTE License through ARL, but no other endorsements can be attached to it and a person must have a Bachelor's degree minimum).

For CTE Specialist Eligibility
An applicant may or may not have a Bachelor's degree, but must have a valid Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing (DOPL) or Specialty License in a related CTE area, i.e. Building Trades, Dentistry, Fire, Law Enforcement, Nursing, Pharmacy Technician, Skilled and Technical Science, etc. CTE Specialists ARL's are able to teach two periods or less in this area in a Utah accredited school that requires a teaching license.

Contact information for CTE areas


Buddy Deimler

(801) 538-7856


Laura DeShazo

(801) 538-7572


Darrell Andelin

(801) 538-7598

Family and Consumer Science

Pearl Hart

(801) 538-7890

Health Science, Medical, Dental

Tara Bell

(801) 538-7843


Dale Stephens

(801) 538-7867


Carl Lyman

(801) 538-7946

Trades and Industry

Dave Milliken

(801) 538-7855