Labels by School Type/Assign/Email

Allows generation of mailing labels for various purposes with extensive options for selection

Options for selections in this report are divided in two categories: "District Only" and "Schools & Districts". Options directly affect what educational agencies are available in the Educational Agency (EA) selection box (labeled Districts).

District Only

Schools & Districts

  • Private Schools (based on the private flag)
  • Charter Schools (based on the charter flag)
  • Public Schools (w/o Charters) (based on the business rule for public schools primarily utilizing agency_type)
  • Assignments
  • For Educators only, allows the user to specify assignments to include or exclude from the report

  • Report Types available:
    1. Administrator - generates a label with administrator's name, administrator's title, institution name, and address
    2.      - "No Duplicates" based on address and last name
    3. School E-Mail - generates a report that includes the email, last name, first name, district, school name, and school type for each selected EA
    4. Title - generates a label with the title entered, EA name, and address
    5.      - "No Duplicates" based on address and last name
    6. Educator - generates a label with educator's name, assignment, school, school address
    7.      - "No Duplicates" based on CACTUS ID

    The "No Duplicates" option eliminates duplicates from the labels. The record count will show the original number of records as well as a count of unique records (if the No Duplicates is checked).