Current Assignments Tab Page

The Current Assignments window consists of one experience row, followed by one or more assignment rows.  If you click on the tab, and the page is blank, it means the educator is not employed in a school system currently tracked by CACTUS.  If there is such a current employment experience record, there will be one or more assignment records below it with a separate set of headings.

There can be only one active experience row at a time. If the educator changes districts, the active record is closed out and a new one is opened.  An open, or active record indicates that the educator is currently employed.  The Experience History tab contains a detailed record of experience.  For each experience detail, there is corresponding assignment data indicating what the educator was actually doing.   Educators may be assigned to multiple schools at the same time.

How to... entering experience
How to... entering an assignment
How to... assigning an educator to more than one school
How to... terminating an educator
How to... entering out-of-state experience

Data items displayed

       Upper Part of tab page: Current employment experience

begin date (usually beginning of school year, July 1)
district name (selected from list of districts)
end date (defaults to 06/30/9999)

contact hours (note: "contact" not "contract", hours actually in the classroom if teaching)
lane (for school finance.. )
(for school finance.. )

contract salary (for school finance.. )
salary add on (for school finance.. )
contract days
(for school finance,  must be less than 366 and greater than 0)
experience status
(active or inactive)
experience state (selected from list of state abbreviations)
intern flag ("yes" or "no")
FTE  Calculated by Cactus using the number of contract days (180 is 1 FTE).  If an educator has more than one experience row in a school year, the contract days are totaled and the FTE is prorated between the two districts.

Lower part of tab page: One or more assignments for current experience

begin date  Copied by Cactus from the begin date in the parent experience record
school name  Selected from list of schools for district chosen
assignment code   Chosen from assignment code table --
DOUBLE CLICK to get the assignment list
percent  the fraction of the contact hours allotted to this assignment within an experience record, must sum to 100

status  active or inactive
mail pickup   the location to which mailings will go, when an educator is assigned to multiple schools


        Validation Rules

There may be only one active experience record for an educator at a time.  It may have one or more related assignments.

The begin date and end date for an experience record must be within the same school year.  The experience end date for the current school year defaults to 6/30/9999.  This date tells us that the educator is currently employed.  At the end of the year, on June 30, USOE checks all the experience end dates.  If the date is 6/30/9999, we close out the school, enter a real date of 6/30 and the year ending, and generate a new experience record for the new school year.  If the end date is a real date, we assume that the educator has terminated, and we do not renew that person for the new school year.   New experience may not be added if there is already an active experience record.  Experience date ranges may not overlap, but may stop and start in the same month.

If you are entering out of state experience, then the district name should be "out of state."

Contact hours must be less than 3000 and no additional FTE credit (maximum of 1.000) is given for contact hours greater than 990.

You may not enter an experience row without an assignment.

The assignment percentages for all the educator's s within a given school year must total to 1.000 according the current administrative rule.  Usually there is just one experience and the FTE is 1.000 if the hours are greater than or equal to 990.  If there is more than one experience record for a school year the following FTE calculation rule applies.  If the total of all contact hours for the school year is greater than 990, divide the contact hours for each experience record by that total.  If the total of all contact hours for the school year is less than or equal to 990, divide the contact hours for each experience record by 990.   In order to get actually see the effect of this formula on multiple experience records in the same school year you must look at the Experience History tab.

How this tab page works

The top part of this windows holds only the data about the current school year employment of the educator.  This means there will always be one or no records displayed here.  In contrast, the Experience History tab will show all experience records for the educator regardless of when they occurred.   When the status column is changed to "inactive" or a valid end date other than 6/30 of the current school year is entered, you are telling CACTUS to remove it along with it's related assignments (in the lower part of the window) from the Current Assignment tab.   The next time you access this educator, there will be no Current Assignment data.   However, the experience and assignments you just made inactive will still appear in the Experience History and Assignment History tabs.  If you are a district user this action will make the educator accessible to another district.   If another district chooses to hire this person by adding a new experience record with an active status, neither your district or any third district will be able to display data about this educator.  When the end date is entered, a warning message is displayed saying the educator will be made available to other districts and marked as "inactive".   Of course, you can do the same to activate other educators or reactivate educators you previously made inactive.

In the lower part of the window as many assignments as necessary may be entered.   However, only one record or row may appear for a given assignment/subject area unless the educator served in more than one school.   There may be an assignment record for the same assignment but in two or more different schools.   The percent indicates the faction of time the educator was assigned to that assignment area during the course of the experience described on the top part of the window.  For example,  if a teacher had two Algebra II sections,   two Geometry sections, and four Algebra I sections during the course of the teaching experience,  the Algebra II and Geometry could each get  25% while the Algebra I would get 50%.  This assumes that all sections met for approximately the same number of hours.

On June 30 (the official end of the school year), if the end date for the experience is still 6/30 of the current school year and the status is "active".   A new experience record and related assignment records are added for the new school year.  They will be identical to those of the old school year except the end date of the experience record will now be 6/30 of the new school year.   After this conversion, on July 1, the district may make changes to assignments either online or through a batch update.  See the help section on Batch Interfaces for more information.

Detail for experience prior to 1984 is not stored in CACTUS.  The Other Classroom Years, Other Admin Years, and Other Instruction Years show additional experience that is not shown here. It may be experience prior to 1984, or out of state or private school experience not kept in CACTUS. Assignments are not required for these situations.

Window Access by Groups:

ADMN: add/update/delete all fields.

CERT, BACK, INSRAD: add/update/delete experience data; View other years; finance data not visible

SFIN: View experience data; add/update/delete current year only, finance data, other years, and contact hours in experience data.

USOEINS, USOEIVW: View experience data; finance data not visible and other years.

DISTINS, DISTIVW, DISUINS, DISUIVW may only see the experience for educators currently employed in their district; i.e. if an educator use to work in Emery and now works in Grand, Emery may not see any data for the educator, but Grand may see all the experience, including past experience in Emery. Emery may see that the educator exists and is assigned to Grand School District.

DISUINS, DISUIVW: add/update/delete home district all data for current year, but no add/update/delete for previous years; View experience data for unassigned; finance data not visible and other years for unassigned.

DISTINS, DISTIVW: View all fields for home district; View experience data for unassigned, finance data not visible and other years for unassigned.

Revised 6/12/2008