Consent Calendar


General Consent Calendar

October 10, 2014


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A.         Minutes of Previous Meetings                                                                                               Tab A


Minutes of the State Board of Education meetings held September 4-5, 2014

             are presented for approval.


B.         Monthly Budget Report                                                                                                           Tab B


A monthly budget report is provided to give information to the Board in meeting its fiduciary responsibilities for the Utah State Office of Education, Utah State Office of Rehabilitation, and Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind. It is proposed that the Board receive the report.


C.         Contracts                                                                                                                                    Tab C


             It is proposed that the Board approve the following contract:


Utah Association of Public Charter Schools, $590,659, 10/15/2014 to 06/30/2017


The purpose of the contract is to provide a mentoring program for the governing boards and key administrators of Utah’s new and operational charter schools as described in UCA 53A-1a-513 and R277-470.


D.         Contract Reports                                                                                                                      Tab D


It is proposed that the Board receive the following report: Contracts

             Approved by State Superintendent or USOR Director (less than $100,000).


E.          NASBE Bylaws and Public Education Positions                                                                    Tab E


Proposed amendments to the Bylaws of the National Association of State Boards of Education (NASBE) and NASBE’s Public Education Positions will be voted upon at the annual NASBE Conference in October. It is proposed that the Board approve the Bylaws and Public Education Positions in order to provide direction to its delegate on how to vote.


F.          Eminence Authorization                                                                                                          Tab F


Davis School District, Wasatch School District, and Paradigm High School have requested eminence authorization for three educators, Stephen Batchelor, Maria Heredia, and Maren Christensen, respectively. Eminence authorization allows individuals with exceptional training or expertise to teach or work in the public schools on a limited basis.


It is proposed that the Board grant eminence authorization to Stephen Batchelor, Maria Heredia, and Maren Christensen.


G.         R277-700 The Elementary and Secondary School Core Curriculum                                 Tab G


In its June 6, 2014 meeting, the Board approved amendments to R277-700 on second reading. The rule was amended to provide for Computer Science to be used as a Core Science credit and for other Board-approved courses to be counted toward the required .5 Computer Technology credit. No substantive changes have been made since that time.


It is proposed that the Board approve R277-700 The Elementary and Secondary School Core Curriculum, as amended, on third and final reading.


H.         Requests for Temporary Authorizations                                                                              Tab H


It is proposed that the Board approve temporary authorizations for licenses as submitted by school districts and charter schools.


I.           List of Educator Licenses Processed                                                                                       Tab I


A summary of the total number of educator licenses and license areas processed in September 2014 is provided for Board information. It is proposed that the Board receive the report.