Utah State Board of Education Meeting

April 14-15, 2016




Law and Licensing Committee


ACTION: Repeal R277-200 through R277-207                                                                       Addend 3-1


             R277-200 Utah Professional Practices Advisory Commission (UPPAC),

                     Definitions (Repeal)


             R277-201 Utah Professional Practices Advisory Commission (UPPAC),

                     Rules of Procedure: Notification to Educators, Complaints and Final

                     Disciplinary Actions (Repeal)


             R277-202 UPPAC Hearing Procedures and Reports (Repeal) 


             R277-203 Request for Licensure Reinstatement and Reinstatement 

                     Procedures (Repeal)


R277-204 Utah Professional Practices Advisory Commission Criminal

                     Background Review (Repeal)


             R277-205 Alcohol Related Offenses (Repeal) 


             R277-206 Drug Related Offenses (Repeal) 


             R277-207 Utah Professional Practices Advisory Commission (UPPAC) 

                     Disciplinary Rebuttable Presumptions (Repeal)


ACTION: Adopt R277-210 through R277-215


             R277-210 Definitions                                                                                                    Addend 3-2


             R277-211 UPPAC Investigations                                                                                  Addend 3-3


             R277-212 UPPAC Hearing Procedures                                                                       Addend 3-4


             R277-213 Reinstatement                                                                                              Addend 3-5


             R277-214 Background Checks                                                                                     Addend 3-6


             R277-215 Presumptions                                                                                               Addend 3-7