Unit 1: Marketing Do's and Don'ts
Opening Page for Course 1 Unit 2:  Site Design and Development
Unit 3:  Marketing with Flash® Unit 4:  eCommerce
UNIT STATEMENT: The lessons in this unit build upon each other.  At the end of the unit, you will have a completed project.
Lesson 11 Ishigame Travel Inc., Part 1 - (The Home Page Design)
Lesson 12 Targeting Your Audience
Lesson 13 Ishigame Travel Inc., Part 2 - (Designing the Remaining Layout)
Lesson 14 The Role of the Company Logo
Lesson 15 Ishigame Travel Inc., Part 3 - (Editing and Exporting Graphics)
Lesson 16 Ishigame Travel Inc., Part 4 - (Developing the Site)
Lesson 17 Ishigame Travel Inc., Part 5 - (Linking Pages Together)
Lesson 18 Ishigame Travel Inc., Part 6 -  (Page Content)
Lesson 19 Ishigame Travel Inc., Part 7 - (Online forms)
Lesson 20 Ishigame Travel Inc., Part 8 -   (Search Engine Ready)
Lesson 21 Submitting Sites to Search Engines
Additional Lessons Additional lessons in Site Design and Development. See if there is anything you are looking for.
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Opening Page Unit 1
Marketing Do's and Don'ts 
Unit 2 
Site Design & Development
Unit 3 
Marketing with Flash®
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