eCommerce Course 1
Internet Marketing


For 2003-2004 School Year

Unit 1: Marketing Do's and Don'ts
Opening Page for Course 1 Unit 2:  Site Design and Development
Unit 3:  Marketing with Flash® Unit 4:  eCommerce

2003-2004 Standards and Objectives (MS Word Format)
The Standards and Objectives for Course 1 include:
  • Course Description
  • Knowledge-based Standards and Objectives
    • List of concepts students will need to know as they exit the class
    • Students will be tested on the concepts listed
2003-2004 Performance Competencies (MS Word Format)
The Performance Competencies for Course 1 include:
  • A list of projects and "to do" items
  • Performance Competencies are items that students must demonstrate to instructors and to themselves that they are competent in accomplishing

For a complete set of Standards and Objectives and Performance Competencies for all marketing courses in the State of Utah, contact:

Patrice Godfrey
Utah State Office of Education
(801) 538-7662
Utah State Office of Education
Opening Page Unit 1
Marketing Do's and Don'ts 
Unit 2 
Site Design & Development
Unit 3 
Marketing with Flash®
Unit 4 
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