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Health Science Education  
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Medical Assisting: Medical Office Management
Standards and Objectives
Test Points by Standard
Test Number:   712 Levels: 11-14
Number of Questions:   
See Test Points by Standard
CIP Code:  51.0703 or 51.0801
Test Duration:   50 minutes Length of Course:  1 credit
Eligibility:  Successful completion of the course standards and objectives for Medical Office Management.

Performance Evaluation:
Required Tracking Form
Performance Documentation - Word | PDF

This above document is required to be submitted to the school testing coordinator on the day of the test.

Optional Tracking Form
     ·Student Performance Evaluation - Word |

The performance evaluation is a required component of the skill certification process. Each student must be evaluated on the required performance objectives. Performance objectives may be completed and evaluated any time during the course.            

Students who achieve 80% (moderately to highly skilled) on ALL performance objectives and an average of 75% on tests 710 and 712 will be issued a Utah Endorsed Medical Office Administration Assistant Skill Certificate.

The Medical Office Administrative Assistant Skill Certification Application Form must be completed, signed and submitted to the State Specialist for the Utah Endorsed Medical Office Administrative Assistant Certificate.

Ordering Information:   Contact your CTE testing coordinator.
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Updated May 31, 2012