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Student Assessment of Growth and Excellence (SAGE)


The purpose of the Mathematics SAGE is to measure student understanding of the Utah Core Standards for Mathematics. Students take the Mathematics SAGE in grades 3-8 and the Secondary I, II, and III courses. The SAGE is only one measure of student understanding in a standardized manner. It should be interpreted accordingly.

The assessment is composed of a set of test items which require students to demonstrate their skills and knowledge of core concepts in a variety of ways. Data available related to this assessment include how the group of students performed in each of the subcategories of the curriculum (standards, Depth of Knowledge (DOK), etc.), student proficiency levels, and percent of students in each proficiency level. The combination of these data may be used to evaluate and make program decisions for students within a grade level, as a group or at the school, Licensed Education Agency (LEA), and state levels. The information may then be used as a piece of evidence in determining priorities for program and instructional emphasis and refinement.

Applying Webb's DOK Levels to Bloom's Cognitive Process Dimensions

Elements of Rigor


Proficiency Level Descriptors (PLDs):

Note: All PLDs are draft copies.

Utah SAGE Mathematics Blueprints:

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