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Assessment to Achievement

The Assessment to Achievement Professional Learning program focuses on effectively using data to improve student achievement. School and district teams who participate in this two year program increase their own expertise in analyzing data and then use the analysis to inform instructional and program decisions that positively influence students and schools. The first cohort (45 schools) began in 2015. The second cohort (45 schools) began in May 2016. This program will provide a guaranteed two year opportunity with a possible extension up to four years if funding becomes available.

What is Assessment to Achievement?

The following videos include information about Assessment to Achievement.

Brochure: Building Capacity for Effective Use of Assessment Data

Calendar (2016-2017)

Implementation Indicators: Data Collection, Observation, and Reflection Tools

Project Literature: Building Capacity for Effective Use of Assessment Data
Books provided by the Utah State Office of Education (USOE)

The Data Wise Improvement Process

Website Resources:

Website resources are from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Who is Participating?

Cohort 1 Participants

What are Educators Saying about Assessment to Achievement?

Assessment to Achievement began in 2015 with 45 schools participating: