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Selected SFSF Assurance Indicators

Utah Plan to Ensure High Quality Teachers for All Students (revised 2006)

(c)(1) and (c)(2)
Letter approving Utah's Assessment System, including the Utah Alternate Assessment

"I have concluded that the evidence demonstrates that Utah's standards and assessment system satisfies the NCLB requirements. Specifically, Utah's system includes academic content and student achievement standards in reading/language arts, mathematics, and science; alternate achievement standards for students with the most significant cognitive disabilities in those subjects; assessments in each of grades 3 through 10 in reading/language arts and mathematics; assessments in science in three grade spans; and alternate assessments for each subject."

(Henry Johnson, May 8, 2006)

The Utah Alternate Assessment (UAA) is based on grade level standards.
Source: WestEd, "Utah Alignment and Linkage Analyses of State Assessments and Standards" (February 20, 2006, p. iii-iv)

Utah does not currently provide native language versions of state assessments for limited English proficient students.

(d)(1)-(d)(6), (d)(9) and (d)(10)
Supporting Struggling Schools (December 2009)

(d)(11) and (d)(12)
Charter schools that have closed within the last five years (since 2004-2005):

Four Utah charter schools have closed in the last five years - CBA Center, Dream, Emerson Alcott, and Jean Massieu. CBA Center was an alternative school chartered by the Millard School District; it was closed after 2008-2009 in conjunction with a reorganization of schools in the district due to budget reductions. Dream was an alternative school chartered by the Granite School District; it was closed during 2004-05 by its operators while they were under scrutiny by the district for alleged mismanagement. Emerson Alcott failed to make the required progress toward opening in 2008-09, so its charter was revoked by the State Charter School Board before it opened. In 2005-06, Jean Massieu merged with the Utah Schools for the Deaf and continues to operate as a state sponsored school.