Utah Student Planning Guide Grades 7-8 - page 9

*Talk to your school counselor
to learn more about using your interest codes to find jobs that suit you!
Alternate category titles:
Social, Helper
Alternate category titles:
Enterprising, Persuader
Alternate category titles:
Conventional, Organizer
Would you describe yourself as:
Especially considerate?
Very willing to give to others?
Would you describe yourself as:
Extremely popular?
Unusually ambitious?
A risk-taker?
Would you describe yourself as:
Highly dependable?
Well organized?
Able to focus on details?
Are you good at:
Assisting others?
Communicating ideas?
Organizing activities?
Cooperating with others to
get things done?
Are you good at:
Motivating people?
Selling things?
Starting projects?
Giving speeches?
Are you good at:
Keeping accurate records?
Following set procedures?
Using office equipment?
Working with numbers?
Are you interested in:
Helping people?
Being a volunteer?
Teaching others?
Giving advice?
Are you interested in:
Running for office?
Earning awards?
Being the boss?
Winning awards?
Are you interested in:
Meeting defined standards?
Using computers?
Keeping things orderly?
Being part of a large
Would you rather
Dealing with a lot of facts
and figures?
Working with machines?
Would you rather
Working alone?
Routines that don’t change?
Would you rather
Situations where rules are
Making a lot of decisions?
S =
E =
C =
Circle the letters below that are your top two interest areas. According to Holland, you’ll
be most satisfied working in occupations that support your highest area(s) of interest. To
follow are sample occupations* that are in demand and well-paying for each area.
Realistic occupations
: Auto Mechanics, Brickmasons, Construction Managers, Plumbers,
Telecommunications Equipment Installers, Vehicle Operators, Welder.
Investigative occupations
: Biomedical Engineer, Computer Systems Analysts, Mechanical
Engineers, Network Systems Administrators, Surgical Technologists.
Artistic occupations
: Art Directors, Commercial/Industrial Designers, Interior Designer.
Social occupations
: Medical Assistants, Occupational Therapists, Registered Nurses,
Social Service Managers, Social Workers, Teachers, Vocational and School Counselors.
Enterprising occupations
: Advertising Sales Agents, Chief Executives, Education
Administrators, Lawyers, Marketing Managers, Sales Managers, Real Estate Brokers.
Conventional occupations
: Accountants, Bookkeeping Clerks, Budget Analysts, Claims
Adjustors, Financial Managers, Loan Officers, Secretaries, Shipping and Receiving Clerks.
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