Utah Student Planning Guide Grades 7-8 - page 7

*Talk to your school counselor
to learnmore about using your interest codes to find jobs that suit you!
Alternate category titles:
Social, Helper
Alternate category titles:
Enterprising, Persuader
Alternate category titles:
Conventional, Organizer
Would you describe yourself as:
Especially considerate?
Very willing to give to others?
Would you describe yourself as:
Extremely popular?
Unusually ambitious?
A risk-taker?
Would you describe yourself as:
Highly dependable?
Well organized?
Able to focus on details?
Are you good at:
Assisting others?
Communicating ideas?
Organizing activities?
Cooperating with others to
get things done?
Are you good at:
Motivating people?
Selling things?
Starting projects?
Giving speeches?
Are you good at:
Keeping accurate records?
Following set procedures?
Using office equipment?
Working with numbers?
Are you interested in:
Helping people?
Being a volunteer?
Teaching others?
Giving advice?
Are you interested in:
Running for office?
Earning awards?
Being the boss?
Winning awards?
Are you interested in:
Meeting defined standards?
Using computers?
Keeping things orderly?
Being part of a large
Would you rather
Dealing with a lot of facts
and figures?
Working withmachines?
Would you rather
Working alone?
Routines that don’t change?
Would you rather
Situations where rules are
Making a lot of decisions?
S =
E =
C =
Circle the letters below that are your top two interest areas. According toHolland, you’ll
bemost satisfiedworking in occupations that support your highest area(s) of interest. To
follow are sample occupations* that are in demand andwell-paying for each area.
Realistic occupations
: AutoMechanics, Brickmasons, ConstructionManagers, Plumbers,
Telecommunications Equipment Installers, VehicleOperators,Welder.
Investigative occupations
: Biomedical Engineer, Computer SystemsAnalysts, Mechanical
Engineers, NetworkSystemsAdministrators, Surgical Technologists.
Artistic occupations
: ArtDirectors, Commercial/Industrial Designers, Interior Designer.
Social occupations
: Medical Assistants, Occupational Therapists, RegisteredNurses,
Social ServiceManagers, SocialWorkers, Teachers, Vocational andSchool Counselors.
Enterprising occupations
: AdvertisingSalesAgents, Chief Executives, Education
Administrators, Lawyers, MarketingManagers, SalesManagers, Real EstateBrokers.
Conventional occupations
: Accountants, BookkeepingClerks, BudgetAnalysts, Claims
Adjustors, Financial Managers, LoanOfficers, Secretaries, Shipping andReceivingClerks.
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