Utah Student Planning Guide Grades 7-8 - page 6

What’s Your “HollandCode?”
According to career theorist, Dr. JohnHolland, people typically fall into one or two
top interest categories. Moreover, his theory proposes that there are correspondingwork
environments that support the interests of each category. The better the “match”
between a person and his/herwork environment, the higher the
job satisfaction
of the
Complete the checklists to discover your Holland code(s). Simplymark each of the
statements in each category below that best describe you. Count up the number of checks
and record in the space provided at the end of each column.
Alternate category titles:
Realistic, Doer
Alternate category titles:
Investigative, Thinker
Alternate category titles:
Artistic, Creator
Would you describe yourself as a:
“Hands-on” learner?
Good athlete?
A nature lover?
Would you describe yourself as:
Especially smart?
Academically inclined?
Logical and analytical?
A patient observer?
Would you describe yourself as:
Highly creative?
Original and unique?
Particularly sensitive?
Are you good at:
Fixing things?
Using tools?
Building things?
Are you good at:
Solvingmath problems?
Doing careful research?
Using computers?
Understanding scientific
Are you good at:
Writing stories or scripts?
Designing works of art?
Playingmusical instruments?
Performing or acting?
Are you interested in:
Working outdoors?
Being active?
Work with plants or animals?
Figuring out a better way to
do things?
Are you interested in:
Performing experiments?
Reading about science?
Inventing things?
Exploring new ideas?
Are you interested in:
Expressing yourself?
Working on crafts?
Using your imagination?
Artistic activities such as
concerts, plays, art shows?
Would you rather
Doing paperwork?
Being “prim and proper?”
Would you rather
Physical activity?
Working with a lot of people?
Would you rather
Obeying a bunch of rules?
Always following tradition?
R =
I =
A =
1,2,3,4,5 7,8-9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16
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