Utah Student Planning Guide Grades 7-8 - page 5

Make a Plan to Graduate!
High school is the minimum educational requirement for
virtually every job in the U.S. economy. If you don’t graduate, you’re more likely to
be unemployed, and the jobs that are available to you are likely to be low paying
and unskilled. Don’t settle for less than a high school diploma!
Fully participate – with
the help of your parents
and school counselor – in
College and Career
Planning process
Hints –
One credit of CTE is required for graduation. Choose wisely and
you’ll have the foundation for a complete Pathway within a CTE
Area of Study.
Keep up with your studies; complete homework, turn assignments
in on time, and study for every quiz and test.
But if you do fall behind, catch up as quickly as possible. Take
remedial courses, find a tutor, do whatever it takes!
Take advantage of th
offered at your school.
Join the recommended
(student organization), and engage in
Work-Based Learning
at every
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