Utah Student Planning Guide Grades 7-8 - page 5

Homework Hints
Before starting your homework, set a
“start” and “stop” time that doesn’t go
over two hours. During that two hours,
use a
“20-minutes-on, 10-minutes-off
During a “20-minutes-on” period, sit
in an area free from all
distractions. (Yes, thismeans no
cell phone!)
Work on assignments for 20
minutes straight; take a 10minute
During your breaks, get up, move
around, do something to take your
mind off your homework.
Work on hardest assignments first.
Keep alternating – 20minutes of
focused attention on homework, 10-
minute breaks – until your two hour
session is over.
Place your homework assignments in
the folder(s) you have designated.
Turn in your assignments on time.
Find a homework helper – friend,
classmate, parent – if you need one.
Make homework a priority, and ask
everyone to respect your homework
Get Organized
Make sure you have the
supplies you need on hand.
Trackwhat you do in class
using a calendar or
Have a binder or file
folder for each class, with
a secure place for notes
and assignments.
Have awell-organized
spacewhere you can study
without distractions.
No Excuses
“I don’t understand it!”
– Ask
your teacher for help before the
school day is over. Do all you can
do, and then figure out where
you’re stuck. At home, ask an
adult or your older brother or
sister for help.
“I can’t ever finish it!”
– Find out
why. Are you distracted? Are
you having trouble in a certain
subject? Ask your teacher or a
parent for some advice about
managing your time.
“I forget to take my books
– Remind yourself each
day before you leave school to do
a “Backpack Check.” Do you have
everything you need? Write
yourself reminders on your
notebook or in your locker –
whateverworks for you.
The great thing about doing
your homework is the feeling
you get when it’s DONE!
Turns out that all those good habits
your teachers and parents have been
encouraging will serve youwell in school
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