Utah Student Planning Guide Grades 7-8 - page 3

SEOP was then …
is now!
What is a College & Career Plan, and why do you need one?
What used to be called the SEOP (
lan) is now known as the College and Career
Plan. Your Plan begins in 6th grade as you prepare to choose classes for 7th grade. The Plan is a document used
to record classes you take in high school. It includes your interests and your goals for college and career.
School counselors help you
Get information about all of the classes you can take.
Discover what you need to be prepared for college.
Explore career options most interesting to you.
Identify your career interests and abilities.
You will meet with your school counselor every year to review your individual College and Career Plan. Your
parents will be invited to participate in at least one of the meetings with you and your school counselor each
year. These meetings are very important because they are about
. Once you have some goals in mind and
know what you want to accomplish in the future, planning is pretty easy. If you wait until your last year of high
school, it may be too late academically and financially to reach your goals.
PLAN now!
Through the Planning process, counselors meet with you to …
Celebrate you!
Review your school progress.
Discuss your interests, talents, and abilities.
Share all of the accurate information about school programs and opportunities.
Help you set goals and identify ways to reach them.
Review your plans for high school, college, and career, and help you write them down.
Understand options and opportunities.
What can you do now to set up your Plan?
Get to know your counselor.
School counselors are positive problem solvers and they want to help.
Learn about yourself.
What are your interests, abilities, talents, and hobbies? Write them down! Think about
how they relate to your future goals.
Know your options!
Research and learn about all the possibilities for learning, earning high school credit, and
getting prepared for college. Make good use o
jobs, careers, and military options.
Get involved in your school and community.
Find something you really like doing and get involved: sports,
student council, music, service, clubs, etc.
Make the most of high school
. Maximize your high school experience with AP, concurrent enrollment, CTE and
GTI courses, and more. Do not settle for just completing minimal high school requirements.
Do the work, make the effort!
ollege is in
future, so expect to study hard now to be prepared. No one
can do it for you. Don’t talk the college talk — “I’ll go to college to get a great career” — without walking the
Take challenging courses!
College admissions people look at your grades, and they also look at how difficult
your courses are. They want to see that you have challenged yourself. Advanced academic and CTE courses will
not only prepare you for college but will also give you the chance to earn college credit while still in high school.
Take the right tests and do your best
CRTs, PLAN, ACT, PSAT, SAT, ASVAB. Your counselor will explain!
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