Utah Student Planning Guide Grades 7-8 - page 21

PLAN to be …
A Lifelong Learner
Your years in junior high and high school are key to laying
the foundation of knowledge that you need to succeed in your life beyond high
school. However, there will never come a time in your life when you have learned
everything there is to know. To be successful, you need to continue to learn
throughout your entire life.
Good News!
The more you learn, the
more choices you have
about what to learn, and
how to learn it. In school,
the options you have for
“elective” courses increase
in number every year.
Keep an Open Mind
You never know if you like
something until you
try it.
High is a great time to start
looking at the things you enjoy
learning, and to find out how you
might apply that learning in the
world of work. But be open to new
experiences, and think about
challenging yourself to learn
something new on a regular basis.
College and Beyond
In college there will be
opportunities to
that is, choose topics that
you want to learn about in
more depth. Beyond
college, learning
opportunities are plentiful,
too. Lectures, seminars,
webinars, professional
conferences, and more – all
designed to help you
advance your knowledge
and skills.
Follow Your Passion
Figure out what interests you – what
subjects you like the most, what topics you
enjoy discussing with other people, or what
real-world problems you want to help solve.
It’s impossible to be an expert at
everything, so find a focus as you advance
through school.
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