Utah Student Planning Guide Grades 7-8 - page 18

7 Kinds of SMART
Einstein once said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” That
may have been the beginning of the idea that people can be smart in
different ways.
Check the statements in the first column below that reflect what you know about yourself. If you
have three checks in a category, think about how you can use that kind of smart in school and work.
Linguistic Intelligence
I can easily remember what people say.
You are good with language; love reading and
I am an avid reader.
writing. You are a good listener, as well as a
I am a good speller.
confident speaker.
Musical Intelligence
I like music more than art.
You are sensitive to melody, rhythm, musical
Without music, life isn't any fun.
patterns, and pitch. You play one or more
When I am alone, I usually have music playing
instruments and appreciate different types of
or I hum or sing to myself.
Logical-Mathematical Intelligence
I can multiply and add quickly in my head.
You easily learn patterns, numbers, calculations
I have always been good with fractions.
and math concepts. You like games, riddles, puzzles,
I love
brainteasers and computers.
When I recall an experience, I mostly see a
Visual-Spatial Intelligence
picture of it in my mind.
You understand how objects and figures
When looking at objects on paper, I can easily
relate in 3-D space and are able to rotate
tell whether they are the same no matter
shapes mentally to see them from all angles.
which way they are shown on the page.
You enjoy chess, puzzles, Legos™ and maps.
I don’t need GPS to know my direction.
It is hard for me to sit still for very long.
Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence
I learn best by doing.
You are good at handling and manipulating
I love working with my hands and building or
objects. You have excellent body and/or fine motor
making things.
control and move with grace.
I can strike up a conversation with most anyone.
Interpersonal Intelligence
It's easy to talk for long periods of time on
You get along well with, and understand
the phone with my friends.
other people and their feelings. You are a
I have served as a student leader.
natural leader and/or mediator.
Intrapersonal Intelligence
When I recall an experience, I mostly remember You have keen insight into yourself and are
how I felt about it.
able to successfully manage your emotions.
I enjoy my time alone.
You like setting goals and enjoy trying to achieve
I know how to put together a good plan.
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