Utah Student Planning Guide Grades 7-8 - page 16

ANewWaveOfEvidence: The Impact ofSchool, Family andCommunity Connections onStudentAchievement
Parents and students alikemight be a bit anxious
about themove to junior highwhen everything
changes – or so itmight seem. The school is
bigger, there’smore homework – frommore than
one teacher – and students are going through a lot
of personal changes, maybe even rejecting your
help and involvement in their lives.
This is no time to step back!
Research* shows
that studentswith involved parents aremore
likely to:
Earn higher grades and test scores;
Enroll in higher level programs;
Attend school regularly;
Have better social skills;
Graduate from high school on time; and –
Go on to 1, 2, 4 ormore years of college.
Get involved at a level that suits you and your
If your school administration isn’t
reaching out to you, reach out to them. Find out
what you can do to help, and how best to
contribute to your child’s success and the success
of the school.
If you can only commit to
one in-person appearance
at school this year, be
there for your student’s
planning meeting!
A note to parents
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