Utah Student Planning Guide Grades 7-8 - page 14

Employability Skills Self-Assessment
For jobs in today’s “information age,” you’ll need to develop the skills that are
valued by organizations that are dealing with a flood of information. Organizations have to
change rapidly in response new information, and they face new issues on a daily basis..
Complete the checklists below to help you evaluate what skills you have now, and
what skills you need to work on in order to find career success. Check the activities in
each category below that are easy for you. If the activity is difficult, or if you have no
experience with the activity, leave it blank.
These things are easy for me:
I can find something
else to do if someone
doesn’t show up as
I adjust my language to
match the language
being used by the
larger group.
I am open to new ideas
and techniques.
I pay attention to
others’ comments and
actions and adjust my
own in response.
I change my mind in
light of new
These things are easy for me:
I can find new solutions
to old problems.
I often fix things using
unconventional means.
I can brainstorm new
ways to use tools and
I have ideas to improve
almost everything I use.
I use my imagination.
These things are easy for me:
I can work effectively
on a team.
I bring people together
and help everyone agree
on a course of action.
I can motivate others.
I respect people who
are different than me,
and consider their
I recognize the
strengths of others.
Total for “Adapt”
Total for “Innovate”
Total for “Collaborate”
1...,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10-11,12-13 15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22
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