Utah Student Planning Guide Grades 9-12 - page 6

HighSchool Graduation andBeyond
Focus on graduation requirements
as you create your 4-year CCR-Plan. Graduation
requirements are a set of core classes that all studentsmust take to receive a high school diploma.
It is critical to earn all of the required credits each year in order to stay “on-track” to graduate.
Most studentswill graduatewithmore credits than they need, and that’s great! Graduation
requirements areminimal requirements, somost studentsmaximize their high school experienceby
taking college prep courses, concurrent enrollment courses, CTE courses andmore!
Did you know?
Themajority ofUtah’s high school students are
their education and learning
opportunities and opting for a rigorous 4-year high school experience. They do this by:
Participating in
concurrent enrollment
courses and options.
career and technical education (CTE) courses
Takingand passing
skills certification
connected to CTE courses.
Graduating early and utilizing the
Graduating from high school with an associate degree
and qualifying for the
New Century Scholarship
Taking courses that qualify for the
Participating in
early college
programs in both
community colleges and applied technology colleges.
Participating in
work-based learning
opportunities –
internships, job shadowing, etc.
their time in their communities to learn
the importance and the value of service.
Accessing courses through
online programs
If you want to take advantage of everything available, you’ve got to
Creating a 4-year high school plan is a good place to start. The4-year plan is developed in 8
and is updated and revised as your interests and needs change.
Parents, teachers, and especially
your school counselor can help you
with the4-year planning process. Get important information,
advice, and suggestions for your plan. Use interest and aptitude survey results to inform your
decisions. Your individual meetingswith your school counselorwill become a very important part of
the4-year planning process. If you take time to plan, and fill in the details for classes you choose,
youwill be prepared to take advantage of all of theoptions described above, and youwill maximize
your high school experience. If you fail to plan, youmay not be able to take classes in their
appropriate sequence or classes that are prerequisite to others.
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