Utah Student Planning Guide Grades 9-12 - page 6

Top 5 Reasons to Go to College
A better paying job
-- On average college graduates earn as
much as 65% more than high school graduates. Most students
want the best paying job they can get.
A more secure future
-- Statistics show that people with
higher levels of education and advanced training tend to have better
job security and are less likely to be unemployed.
-- Going to college and earning a certificate, a
diploma, or a degree will help you feel better about yourself and also
help you gain more responsibility and get promotions at work.
More choices
-- Most jobs today require specialized training
that you can only get in college. That means you w ill need 1, 2, 4, or
more years of education and training after high school to be prepared
for jobs in your future.
Be the first!
-- Are you hesitant because no one in your
family has gone to college? Start a tradition! Education and training in
college can have a positive impact on you and your entire family.
Education Pays*
Lower Unemployment … Higher Wages
*Unemployment rates and earnings for full-time wage and salary workers ages 25 and older, by educational attainment, 2011.
These are
rates of unemployment vary by a number of factors – including gender, geographic location, ethnicity,
industry, etc. Earnings vary by similar factors. (Yes, there are some workers with an in-demand skill and industry-recognized
certificate who earn more than a worker with a bachelor’s degree who is working in a declining industry.)
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