Utah Student Planning Guide Grades 9-12 - page 4

Rememberwhat you do nowwill lead towhat you can do for college, career, and life in the future!
Set Goals with
College and Career
Setting goals to be ready for college and career is like planning
for your day-to-day activities butwith a bigger perspective.
To get serious about planning for school success – both today and
for your success in college and career – you need to have some
goals inmind.
Goals make planning meaningful
. Remember, “if you
don’t knowwhere you’re going, you’re likely to end up somewhere
else!” So, howdo you knowwhat goals to set?Do some serious
thinking aboutwhat youwant to accomplish in the future. Take
some time towrite down the steps (also known as ‘short term
goals’) thatwill help you achieve your dreams. Once you have something inmind, planningwill make
more sense and holdmore value. Itwill be easier to create a 4-year plan for high school and know
what you need todo to be college and career ready.
What do you see yourself doing after high school: college, career and life?
What is your “dream” for YOUR future? Start withat least three ideas or goals:
your college dream:
your career dream:
your life dream:
What are some specific steps you can take to accomplish your dreams?
Begin by making your school experiences meaningful and productive, take charge!
Take classes that:
will prepare you to
reach your goals
graduation requirements
will prepare you for
1, 2, 4, ormore years of education and training
after high school.
will prepare youwithmarketable
skills that lead to a job
Get involved
and participate in a school club or other school activity groups.
Track your success!
Keep a file of your grades, school progress, and school activities.
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