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College and Career Ready
has become a popular catch phrase, but behind the language
is an increased awareness of the need for students to graduate
high school and
education and training. TheUtahStateOffice of Education has prepared a report,
the Senior Year – College and Career Ready,
aimed at increasing relevance and rigor in your high
school experience and connecting college toworkforce needs (UtahStateOffice of Education,
2010). TheUtahSystem ofHigher Education has developed the
2020 Plan for Higher Education
It states that by 2020, 66% of jobs inUtahwill require 1, 2, 4 ormore years of education beyond
high school. In addition, Utahbusiness and community leaders have organized the
Prosperity 2020
initiative to advance educational investment and innovation. As a student, you have a broad
community that is invested in your success!
What is College Ready?
College todaymeansmuchmore than a 4-year degree at a university. Being “college ready” means
being prepared for any postsecondary education or training experience, including study at2 - and4
-year institutions leading to a college credential (i.e. a certificate, license, associate’s or bachelor’s
degree). Being ready for collegemeans that – as you graduate from high school – you have the
knowledge and skills necessary to qualify for and succeed in entry-level, credit-bearing college
courseswithout the need for remedial coursework. TheUtah Core helps to ensure that youwill
meet the standards necessary to be successful.
What is Career Ready?
In today’s economy, a “career” is not just a job. A career offers earnings thatwill enable you to
support a family and pathways to advancement. A career typically requires education and training
beyond high school, so it’s good to think in terms of learning
! Being ready for a career
means that you graduate from high school with the knowledge and skills needed to qualify for and
succeed in a career, or in the education and training thatwill take you to the next step in your
chosen field.
Why Plan Now?
What you study and learn in elementary, junior high, and in high school will prepare you to be college
and career ready. It’s never too soon to start thinking about your future andwhat you need to do in
school now to be ready. Begin as early as you canwith goals inmind, so you can focus onwhat you
need to do, including the classes you need to take (in junior high and high school), to be prepared
for your future.
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