Utah Student Planning Guide Grades 9-12 - page 11

Options and Opportunities
There is so much to consider as you plan! Think about your goals – goals that you are working toward
right now in school. Then think about all of the classes, programs, and options that can enhance and
maximize your school schedule. Consider
honors and gifted courses
early college
CTE courses
flexible learning options
, and
college and career pathways
. Develop a written plan that includes
just what you want and need to be successful, to stay focused, and to stay interested in school.
When you are focused and take advantage of all of the options and opportunities out there, you will
move along the pathway toward high school graduation better prepared for college and career.
What will you include?
Honors and Gifted Courses
Students can take honors courses in core areas beginning in 7
grade. Students may
choose to take honors courses. Also, gifted students will be identified through testing.
Early College
Career and Technical Education
CTE Courses •
Technical Centers •
(Job Shadow, Internship)
Flexible Learning
Other Options
Community Service •
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