Utah Student Planning Guide Grades 9-12 - page 10

Taking a course within a
CTE Pathway makes
you eligible for a CTE
Complete a CTE Pathway!
Pathways make it easy to see the ways the skills
you are
learning today will be used tomorrow
in other courses and on the job.
Completing a Pathway makes the
life after high school easier. Next step
opportunities are described when you
participate in a Pathway.
Completing a CTE Career Pathway brings focus
to your high school studies, allowing you to
technical skills and obtain the
academic knowledge
needed for further
training and/or a good job, depending on your
personal plan.
Pathways offer opportunities for career
exploration and
Work-Based Learning
specifically related to your career interests.
Participating in a CTE Pathway will maximize
your chance to complete related skill
certification tests and earn a
that confirms your achievements.
CTE Pathways encourage your participation in a
, resulting in a network of friends with
similar interests as well as enhanced
opportunities to develop and apply new skills.
Many Pathway courses offer concurrent
enrollment credit, giving you the opportunity to
college credit while still in high schoo
Benefits of Completing a Pathway
A Career Pathway is a sequence of courses within your area of
interest. A Pathway is your educational road map, preparing and
guiding you, to the high school courses and postsecondary
options most relevant to your chosen college and career
What is a Career Pathway?
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