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The Adult Educator CTE-APP License/Endorsement is for individuals holding a post-secondary degree seeking employment solely in Adult Education. This license/endorsement will not be accepted for employment by K-12 schools.

The Career and Technical Education Alternative Preparation Program (CTE-APP) license area of concentration is issued by the State Board of Education for a three-year period, enables the holder to teach only in a specific CTE or technical field in the public school system, and may require additional coursework. An Adult Education CTE-APP license is issued for employment solely in an accredited adult education program. Educators have three years to complete licensure.

The following process/criteria must be met for continued employment as a CTE-APP adult education employee:

Part A

  1. The person seeking employment as a CTE-APP applicant is responsible for obtaining a teaching position in a Northwest-accredited adult education program.
  2. Provide proof of post-secondary completion (i.e., official college transcript detailing classes as well as a statement of date and degree awarded).
  3. The background check process must be started before the application can be submitted.  To begin this process, review Fingerprint Background Check requirements. 
  4. Submit to the USOE Adult Education Services coordinator an Adult Education CTE-APP Application for approval.

Part B

Upon approval of the initial application, the CTE-APP applicant has three years to complete the following:

1.  A 360-hour (minimum) student teaching experience in a Northwest-accredited adult education program of employment consisting of the following components: 

a. Adult education assessments – 30 assessments per program year for each of the three years, or a total of 90 assessments by the time all requirements are completed 

  • i. Complete administration certification in program-utilized assessments, including TABE and BEST Literacy/BEST Plus or CASAS.
  • ii. Interpret the results of the above-named assessments.
  • iii. Persons employed in a rural/small program may receive an exemption as to the number of required assessments upon written application to the adult education state coordinator or designee. 

b. SEOP development and counseling – 60 hours

  • i. Participate in SEOP development.
  • ii. Participate in student counseling related to selected goals.
  • iii. Participate in registration and class scheduling.

c. Teaching of adult students – 150 hours*

  • i. Prepare lesson plans in teaching discipline(s) in which the person is employed (ESOL, ABE and/or AHSC).
  • ii. Complete direct teaching in area(s) in which applicant is employed (ESOL, ABE and/or AHSC).

Note: *If the applicant will be teaching adult education high school completion courses, the teaching experience is to be extended to a total of 300 hours to allow for teaching experiences in multiple curricula, as determined by the program director. A “Methods of Teaching Adults” course from an accredited post-secondary institution can be used in lieu of Part C.

2. Pedagogical knowledge requirements include three credit hours (3.0) of college coursework in each of the following areas:

  • a. Instruction, Technology, Assessment and Planning
  • b. Creating a Learning Environment
  • c. Introduction to Special Education
  • d. Survey of Learning and Teaching of Diverse Populations
  • e. Literacy Strategies

College programs and additional information pertaining to required courses can be found at Choose Transition to Teaching on the left hand menu which opens the Alternative Routes to Licensure (Transition to Teaching) page. Choose All Program Courses. The above courses are listed with class information and a link to class schedules.

Note: During the process of completing an Adult Education CTE-APP license, credit issued for an adult education high school completion course must be awarded only under the direct supervision of a Utah-licensed educator.

Upon completion and approval, adult education CTE-APP applicants will be issued a CTE license with an adult education endorsement. The CTE license and adult education endorsement authorize the applicant to be hired and to teach solely in adult education. Adult Education CTE-APP teachers cannot teach in a K-12 program of instruction.