Compliance Audit Report
This report, completed by an independent auditor, verifies program outcomes. Due annually: September 15th.

Collected Fees Expenditure Plan
Collected Fees Expenditure Plan report an annual expenditure plan to the USOE describing how collected fees from the previous year will be expended in meeting the literacy needs of the adult learner. Due annually: September 30th.

Collected Tuition and Fees
Annual report to the USOE reflecting the monies collected and reported to the district/community-based organizations' business administrator. Due annually: September 1st.

End-of-Year Program Summary
Annual narrative report of program’s successes and areas for program improvement. Due annually: July 15th.

Program Improvement Plan
Annual Raising the Bar Program Improvement Plan to USOE is to be completed by the program director describing what program staff will do to improve student success and associated educational outcomes. Due annually: September 30th.