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  • Table of Contents
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  • Adult Education Mission Statement
  • State Board of Education Membership 

Section 1 - Eligibility to Participate in Adult Education Instruction

Section 2 - Adult High School Completion (AHSC/ASE) 

Section 3 - Adult Basic Education (ABE)

Section 4 - English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

Section 5 - Funding for School District Adult Education

Section 6 - Keeping Track of Students

Section 7 - Financial Accountability

Section 8 - Approved Assessments for ABE, AHSC/ASE and ESOL

Section 9 - Program Audits and Monitoring

Section 10 - General Educational Development


Tab A - Utah Assessment Policy

Tab B - Following Your Student - Start to Finish/Student Education Occupation Plan (SEOP)

Tab C - Utah Adult Education Basic Program

Tab D - Utah Distance Learning Programs and Procedures

Tab E - Utah Adult Education Students with Disabilities

Tab F - Utah Adult Education Services for Out-Of-School Youth

Tab G - Utah Adult Education Graduation Requirements

Tab H - Utah Adult Education Program Evaluation Instrument Community-Based Organizations Desk Auditing/Monitoring Policy

Tab I - Utah Adult Education Inventory Policy

Tab J - Utah Adult Education Fiscal Compliance Policy

Tab K - Utah GED Information

Tab L - Legal Compliance Guide

Tab M - Military Enlistment and Adult Education Services

Tab N - Collection of Tuition and Fees

Tab O - Second-Year AEFLA Funding

Tab P - Utah State Office of Education Board Rules for Adult Education and GED

Tab Q - Accreditation of Utah Adult Education Programs

Tab R - Establishing Proof of Utah Residency

Tab S - Utah Adult Education "Most Asked Questions"

Tab T - Employment of Licensed and Non-Licensed Teachers in Adult Education

Tab U - Adult Education Definitions

Tab V - Sample of Federal Reimbursement Request Form

Tab W - Utah Adult Education Fact Sheet/Fingertip Facts

Tab X - Utah Adult Education Program Corrective Action Processes

Tab Y - English Language/Civics Education (EL/Civics)

Tab Z - Transition Policy