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Community and Students

Program Locations

Utah State Office of Education funded programs are provided at a variety of sites facilitated by school districts and community-based organizations throughout the state. Programs in the document below are listed by school districts, community-based organizations and GED testing sites. Contact information, hours of operation, fees, and types of instruction are provided by program site.

Directory of Utah Adult Education Programs

Instructional Areas

Adult Basic Education (ABE)
A program for adults lacking competency in reading, writing, speaking, problem solving, or computation skills at a level necessary to function in society, on a job, or in a family.

Adult High School Completion (AHSC)
A program for adults who have some literacy skills and can function in everyday life but are not proficient or do not have a secondary school diploma, GED or its recognized equivalent. AHSC programs provide instruction in Board-approved subjects leading to an Adult Education Secondary Diploma.

English for Speakers of other Languages (ESOL)
A program for non-native English speakers who lacks competency and English communication skills in language acquisition in reading, writing, speaking, problem solving, or listening.

General Educational Development (GED)
Several programs offer GED preparation classes to assist individuals interested in taking the GED test. Successful passing of the GED measures the major and lasting outcomes and concepts associated with a traditional four-year high school education.