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SIS 2000+ Behavior History

Last update: 08/05/2000 jmm

Sec. 6, Delete an Involvement Record or Penalty

6.1 Delete an Involvement record
Involvement records can be deleted from an individual's Behavior History record by deleting the originating incident from the 'Incident' tab on the main screen. Deleting a behavioral incident from a student's record also deletes related Policy information and all Penalties associated with that incident. The original incident, however, remains in the master list and can be referenced again. Involvement records of other students are not affected. 6.2 Delete a Penalty
Penalties may be deleted individually without deleting the involvement record altogether. However, penalties cannot be deleted from the 'Penalties' tab on the main Behavior History screen because that screen is read-only. Penalties can only be deleted by going into the edit mode of the record they are associated with. 6.3 Exit the edit mode

Click on the Undo command button to go back to the main Behavior History screen.

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