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SIS 2000+ Behavior History

Last update: 08/05/2000 jmm

Sec. 5, Add Penalties

Penalties are punishments, such as detentions or suspensions, that are assigned to students because of their involvement in a behavioral infraction. Penalties are linked to a specific behavioral involvement record. More than one penalty may be recorded per record. Some penalties are associated with "suspended" attendance codes and, when assigned and saved, will post suspended attendance codes directly to the Attendance tables. Existing penalties may be edited or deleted.

5.1 Find a Student
(See Sec. 1 for details on the Find procedure)

5.2 Open 'Add Penalty' form
Penalties cannot be added (nor edited or deleted) from main Behavior History screen. Instead, a specific involvement record must be selected and opened in the edit mode first, as follows:

5.3 Enter Penalty data
Use the Tab key to move from field to field within the 'Add Penalty' screen. Enter penalty data as follows:

Fig. 40 - sample penalty

5.4 Save, View, Exit

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