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SIS 2000+ Behavior History

Last update: 08/05/2000 jmm

Sec. 2, View Behavior Data

The main screen of the Behavior program displays two tabs (information screens) of read-only data: 'Incidents' and 'Penalties'. Entries in the 'Incidents' information screen can be sorted.

2.1 View / Sort Incidents

2.2 View all Penalties for the selected student
From the main Behavior History screen, click on the 'Penalties' tab to bring it to the front. All penalties assigned to the student for all involvement records combined will be listed in summary form in ascending chronological order based on the Assigned Date field (Fig.13).

Fig. 14 - Main screen, 'Penalties' tab, 'Recess Detention' selected

This is a read-only list and cannot be sorted. Details of a penalty can only be viewed by first going back to the originating incident of the penalty and then activating the edit mode of that involvement record, as follows:

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