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SIS 2000+ Behavior History

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Sec. 1, Introduction / Find a Student

The Behavior History program tracks conduct of students by recording behavioral "incidents". Incidents are stored in a master list and then referenced by the individual Behavior History records of those students involved in the incident, creating "involvement records". Penalties may be recorded for each involvement record. Each student behavior record displays basic student demographic data at the top of the screen. Extensive data can be recorded for each involvement record, including behavior codes, point system values, remarks, and more. Various reports can be generated from Behavior History data.

1.1 Open Behavior History
From the SIS 2000+ Main Menu click on the Behavior icon button. From the Behavior Menu click on the Behavior button again. The Behavior History program opens to a read-only screen showing the behavior data for the first "currently active" student in the school site's database, alphabetically by last name (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1

1.2 Program Screen Layout

1.3 Find a student
The opening screen of the program will default to the first "currently active" student record in the database of the school site that is logged on, alphabetically by last name.
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