Core Curriculum - Sixth Grade

Rome and China - Rome

The Traveler's Guide to Ancient Rome
by John Malam
Written like an actual travel guide, this book takes the reader effectively through a visit to ancient Rome. As in the one for Greece, the book first gives an overview of Rome which includes a time line of events. It covers food and lodging, what to wear, visits to the Pantheon the Roman Forum, and the Basilica. The reader visits the Trojan's Market, the city library and an army camp, how to relax at the famous baths, and an introduction to the Roman theater and music. Do's and Don'ts are given while at the Arena, as well as what to expect during the famous races. A good read aloud in sections while learning about Ancient Rome, as well as a classroom library book for the students to enjoy on their own.

Early Civilization - Roman Life
by John Guy, ISBN: 0439149169, Scholastic
This is an excellent historical book. It gives a great deal of information on daily Roman life. It tells about life for the rich and life for the poor. It also gives many insights into how they lived such as; food and drink, fashion, architecture, health and medicine, love and marriage, women and children, war, religion, transportation, and others. The writings are accompanied by many beautiful illustrations. I enjoyed the book very much.

Note: There are pictures of nude statues. It could be used as a teacher's resource book.


Beautiful Warrior
by Emily Arnold McCully, ISBN: 0439063663
This is an old Chinese legend celebrates discipline and inner strength while retelling a legend connected with styles of kung fu. This story authentically re-creates a period of Chinese history and gives readers not one but two lively heroines. Whether or not Wu Mei and Wing Chun were actual historical figures remains an open question. It does, however, reflect the important principles of kung fu.

Red Scarf Girl-A Memoir of the Cultural Revolution
by Ji Li Jiang
This is a profound story of Ji Li Jiang and the cultural revolution as seen through the eyes of a twelve year old girl. She tells the story of her family and how they were swept up in the changes brought on by Chairman Mao. At first totally believing and supporting the change, they recognize the wrongs brought on by the Chairman's followers, as they face the challenges that come to her family because of the occupation of an ancestor. It is a tremendous story of courage in the face of adversity, and the realities of life in a Communistic country. It is also an intriguing took at prejudice in a different forum than slavery.

Note: This would be a great read-aloud book, with discussions of history in the making.