Core Curriculum - Sixth Grade

Egypt - Fertile Crescent

by David Macaulay, ISBN: 0590995189, Trumpet
This book takes an impressive look at what many consider to be among the most awesome of man's creations-the pyramids of Egypt. Macaulay, through word and blackline drawings, shows Egyptian life and how the pyramids were built. He also talks about the way that Egyptians were readied for the next life. This is a wonderful book about the architecture of the pyramids.

The Great Pyramid
by Elizabeth Mann
This picture book contains a story within a story as it tells about the building of the great pyramid. While reading about King Khufu and his life, one, also learns why he wanted to build a pyramid, and how the pyramid was constructed. Great detail is given as to the Egyptian life style, including the life of the farmers, who became slaves while building the great pyramid. Beautiful illustrations help capture the essence of this time in history. This is a great book to read to the class, as well as have available for students to enjoy on their own.

by Anne Millard, ISBN: 0590632477, Scholastic
Ever since ancient times the pyramid as a structural shape has captured out imaginations and played a meaningful and fascinating part in civilized societies. From the ziggurats of Babylon and the Valley of the Kings in ancient Egypt to the towering monuments built by the Aztecs and Maya in Central America, Pyramids examines the mythology and the history of these massive and intriguing creations.

The Egyptian News
by Scott Steedman
This is an over-sized book that is written like a newspaper, telling about the life in Ancient Egypt. The articles are fun and informative, and written as though the events were just happening. Events such as "Hysos Hammered", "Boy-King Dies", "The Longest Boat in Our Country", which tells of Pharaoh Khufu's famous funerary boat. There are clever advertisements, a fitness quiz, a Who's Who list of the famous men, The Top Gods, and how to mummify your body. There is a great gossip section telling about the latest banquet, what was eaten, and who was there. A great book to share while studying this fun time in history. It is fun to see a book that teaches facts in such a fun way. One forgets they are learning while enjoying the articles.

Hieroglyphs from A to Z
by Peter Der Manuelian, ISBN: 0590400088, Scholastic
Hieroglyphs are drawings of ancient symbols found on Egyptian tombs and temple walls. On each page of this book there are hieroglyphs and information about Egyptian culture. The narrative is written in rhyme. Using a stencil of the hieroglyphs, you can learn how to write secret messages with Egyptian symbols.

Note: This book comes with a stencil of hieroglyphs.

Mummies, Tombs, and Treasure
by Lila Perl, ISBN: 0590962264, Scholastic
What happens to people after they die? The Egyptians thought if they mummified a dead person, his spirit would live forever. At first nature did the job; the desert sun dried and preserved bodies buried in shallow sandpit graves. Mummifying methods became more elaborate with time, as did after-life dwelling places. Eventually, the Egyptians built the largest known tombs-the pyramids-in which wealthy Egyptians were buried with food, household items, and treasure. The ancient Egyptian way of death has left us a rich legacy of information about a way of life of which there is no other record. Lila Perl's thoroughly documented account is as fascinating as it is revealing.

by Diane Stanley and Peter Vennema, ISBN: 0590510622, Scholastic
Cleopatra has mystified man for centuries. This is the true story of her Egyptian reign, her love of Caesar and Mark Anthony, and her defeat at the hands of Octavian. Cleopatra, is not praised for her beauty in this book as much as she is praised for her personal intellect, and manner of speech. No other account gives us such rich details and vivid anecdotes, and all historians who have written about her since have turned frequently to Plutarch-whom the authors use as their main source of material.

by Diane Stanley and Peter Vennema
"Everything we know about Cleopatra was written by her enemies," stated the authors. This large picture is their attempt to tell the true story about Cleopatra, and they succeed beautifully. The text and pictures weave her a place in history, and tells about a woman pursuing her dreams, and the consequences following her actions. A great classroom addition while studying Ancient Egypt.

by Anne Millard
This scholastic edition spans all aspects of the pyramid. Beautifully illustrated, the reader goes on a journey through the Pyramid Age, how to build the different pyramids, the royal funeral, and the new world. It also covers the pyramids of the Americas including the Mayan and the Incas cultures. The reference section had an extensive glossary, pictures of the pyramids throughout the world and the power of the pyramid. A must have in a classroom library. It could be read in sections to the class or read individually. The colorful and extensive illustrations will hold the interest of even the most reluctant reader.

Ancient Egypt, The Hands-on Approach to History
by Andrew Haslam and Alexandra Parsons, ISBN: 0590149628, Scholastic, Inc.