Core Curriculum - Sixth Grade

Dark Ages/Middle Ages/Renaissance

The Door in the Wall
by Marguerite De Angeli
From his youth, Robin, son of Sir John de Bureford, had been told of what was expected of him as the son of a nobleman. He was to learn the ways of Knighthood. The day after his father left to protect the king, his mother was called to help care for the ailing quenn, and Robin was to leave to begin serving as a page. He was struck ill, which left him without the use of his legs. Abandoned by the servants in fear of the plague, Robin was rescued by a kind monk, Brother Luke. Taken to the Monastery where he could be cared for, Robin slowly finds himself being taught how to live and accept what has befallen him. He was taught by Brother Luke that there was always another door in the wall when another one close, and if he sought them, then his life would have purpose. Under the loving care of the Monks, Robin strengthened his physical body, and his mind. Always feeling like his parents would be disappointed upon their return that he would be unable to become a Knight, Robin kept looking for a miracle. His miracle came in a different way, as it became evident that Robin would be the only one who could get word to the king, that the castle was under siege. What follows is an exciting adventure where Robin indeed finds other doors in his wall. This is a great Newberry winner that tells the story of courage, love, and acceptance of others.

Note: This would be great to read aloud during the study of the Middle Ages. The reader will learn of life in a castle, the preparations for Knighthood, and life in the Middle Ages.

Favorite Medieval Tales
by Mary Pope Osborne
An absolutely beautifully written and illustrated book covering some of the more well-known tales of Medieval times. The rich illustrations enhance favorite stories like Beowulf, The Sword in the Stone, Island of the Lost Children, The Song of Roland, The Werewolf, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Chanticleer, and the much loved Robin Hood and His Merry Men. The retellings of these stories capture the heart of each story without sounding redundant or worn. A terrific read aloud or one to be read individually.

Knights In Armor Edited
by John D. Clare
This is an informative book on life during the Middle Ages and specifically the life of a Knight. It covers subjects such as The Development of Armor, the Feudal System, Paying Tithes, Pilgrimage, The Start of the Crusades, A Woman's Role, Pages and Squires, Chivalry, Making Armor, Arming the Knight, Weapons, The Siege, Dangers in Battle, and The Tournament, to name a few. An interesting aspect of this book is the illustrations. They are photographs of live shots illustrating the different sections of the book. It seems to take the reader right back to the Medieval times and the Crusades. Though quite long, the sections could be read in part or whole, while studying this fascinating time in history. Students will enjoy reading this book, as well as looking at the pictures.

The Book of the Lion
by Michael Cadnum, ISBN: 0670883867, Viking
Edmund is awaiting punishment as a counterfeiter when a knight unexpectedly intervenes on his behalf and compels Edmund to join Richard Lionheart's forces in the Holy Land. There, amidst the savagery of the twelfth century Crusades, Edmund learns both courage and compassion, and discovers that cruelty is sometimes considered the will of Heaven.

ISBN: 0816702470, Troll
This is an over all look at the Renaissance-what it was, where it was, and what happened during that time. This is an easy reading book but it does give the reader the basic information that every students needs to be aware of.