Core Curriculum - Fifth Grade

Revolution/American Government - Building a Nation

Stranger in Williamsburg
by Wanda Luttrell, ISBN: 0781409020, Chariot
The American Revolution is in full swing, and Sarah Moore is caught right in the middle of it. She returns to Williamsburg, Virginia, from Kentucky, to live with her aunt's family and learn from their tutor. During her time in Williamsburg she becomes involved with a possible spy and endangers the lives of her beloved uncle and brother. She must reach into her inner soul and with the help of the governor's servant find the solution to her problem. *religion helps her come to terms with herself.

Ben and Me
by Robert Lawson
A mouse lives in the same house as the famed Benjamin Franklin. The story tells how the mouse helps Mr. Franklin in making some of his most famous experiments. He also helps Ben to make the correct decisions when deciding about freeing the United States from English rule.

Yankee Doodle (picture book)
by Gary Chalk, ISBN: 1564582027, Dorling Kindersley
Gary Chalk has long had a passionate interest in American history and folk music. In this book, a patriotic mouse named Yankee Doodle recounts his version of the major events of the war. He tootles his way from the Boston Tea Party to the Battle of Bunker Hill, from Valley Forge to the Yankee's victory at Yorktown.

Johnny Tremain
by Esther Forbes, ISBN: 0440942500, Laurel-Leaf
ohnny Tremain is a teenager apprenticed to Paul Revere as a silversmith. Through his relationship with Paul Revere he becomes involved with the Sons of Liberty and takes part in the Boston Tea Party and the Battle on Lexington Green. This is a classic tale of the beginning of the Revolution.

The Winter of Red Snow
by Kristiana Gregory, ISBN: 0590226533, Scholastic
The hard winter of 1777-78 at Valley Force is chronicled in this diary of Abigail Jane Stewart. She watches and helps the soldiers as they sleep in tents in the snow, build log cabins, and try to stay alive through the winter. She meets General Washington and marvels at his leadership. The story is told through her eyes.

Note: A short history of the period is found in the back of the book.

The Journal of William Thomas Emerson
by Barry Denenberg, ISBN: 0590313509, Scholastic
My Name is America journal, this book tells the fictitious story of a Revolutionary War Patriot. It begins the summer of 1774, in Boston, when Will was just 10, and a new orphan. The story chronicles the events of the Redcoats in Boston at the time, as well as tells Will's story of the family who took him in, to his eventual involvement with helping the cause. By the time he was 11 years of age, he was considered a patriot because of his courage and actions. At the conclusion of the story, there are 13 pages of historical notes and actual pictures of places and events that were included in the story.

Jump Ship to Freedom
by James Lincoln Collier and Christopher Collier, ISBN: 0440443237, Yearling
Young Daniel Arabus and his mother are slaves in the house of Captain Ivers of Stratford, Connecticut. By law they should be free, since Daniel's father fought in the Revolutionary army and earned enough in soldier's notes to buy his family's liberty. But now Daniel's father is dead and Mrs. Ivers has taken the notes from his mother. When Daniel bravely steals the notes back, a furious Captain Ivers forces him aboard a ship bound for the West Indies and slavery. Daniel manages to jump ship in New York and fight his way back to Connecticut to his mother and freedom.

Note: This book is based on fact. 

A Young Patriot, The American Revolution as Experienced
by One Boy, by Jim Murphy, ISBN: 0-590-100629-9, Scholastic Inc.
This is the story of the American Revolution through the eyes of Joseph Plumb Martin, who enlisted in the army in 1776, at the age of 15. This work offers a view of the Revolutionary War missing from most books-instead of the broad sweep of dramatic events and change, readers see the daily misery, boredom, confusion, terror, and only occasional triumph of army life.

Crossing the Delaware
by Louise Peacock, illustrated by Walter Lyon Drudop, ISBN: 0439133092, Scholastic Inc.
Washington attached the Hessian regiment in Trenton in December. It was a desperate thing to do. This is the story of that famous event told through letters, pictures and a short narration.

Path of the Pale Horse (Medicine)
by Paul Fleischman
After Lep's father died on the battlefield, Lep made the decision that he wanted to become a doctor, and rescue sick people. When the Yellow Fever struck Philadelphia, he found his belief in the "modern" ways to practice medicine put to the test. While working along aide Dr. Peale, he was forced to recognize that faith, as much as their medicine healed the sick. This is a good look at the early stages of medicine in a suspenseful novel.

Our American Government

Lives of the Presidents
by Kathleen Krull, illustrated
by Kathryn Hewitt, ISBN: 01520080X, Harcourt Brace
This book looks at the presidents bad habits, silly nicknames, and strange pets, examining their high points, low points, and times in between. Even the most avid presidential buff may make new discoveries, and those who think the presidents are dull are sure to find some surprises.

Note: Pictures are characatures

The Story of the White House
by Kate Waters, ISBN: 0590433342, Scholastic
The White House has been the palace of the United States where all of the presidents have lived since John Adams. This is it's story in vivid pictures and interesting text. Forty-one famous families have lived there. And like most big old houses, people tell stories about the special things that happened there, and about the people who lived and worked there.