Core Curriculum - Fifth Grade


by Jane Yolen, Illustrated by David Shannon, ISBN: 015201389X, Scholastic
It is said that in 1492 Christopher Columbus discovered a new world, yet what he really found was a people with an established culture and civilization of their own. This story is of that first meeting through the eyes of a young Taino boy. This powerful description of an encounter that changed the world forever challenges students to question the traditional image of Columbus as hero by viewing his arrival from the perspective of the people he conquered.

Vasco da Gama
by David Knight, ISBN: 0893751677, Troll
This small reader is about the life and times of Vasco da Gama, an adventure in discovery. The pictures are not that inviting but the text is historically accurate. It is written in a time line style, more textbook than narrative.

Captain James Cook
by Ruth Harley, ISBN: 0893751693 , Troll
A bibliography about the great explorer James Cook. The history is accurate and easy to read, however the pictures are of dull color and not very inviting. It is written in textbook style.

Columbus and the Renaissance Explorers
by Colin Hynson,  ISBN: 043911022X , Scholastic
This story of how the European search for a new route to the Far East led Christopher Columbus to discover the New World. This busy book tells why, how, when , and who as it discusses the first explorers.

Magellan and the Exploration of South America
by Colin Hynson, ISBN: 0439110230, Scholastic
This busy book introduces you to Magellan and his struggles as he sailed around the world. It stops in South America and tells of the Spanish conquests and how Spain over threw the Indians and held the New World in its grasp.

Westward with Columbus
by John Dyson, photographs by Peter Christopher, ISBN: 0590438476, Scholastic Inc.
The sailors who went west with Columbus have a story to tell. The story is about the ships, the made man that led them onward, and the land that they encountered at the end of a long journey. It is told in photographs, hand drawn pictures, and maps.

How We Crossed The West, The Adventures of Lewis and Clark
by Rosalyn Schanzer, ISBN: 0590379658, Scholastic Inc.
The original diaries of the crossing of the continent by Lewis and Clark were done in picture as well as words. This book is following in the footsteps of the first journals. Through quotes from the travelers' own journals you'll relive hair-raising adventures and narrow escapes. With Lewis and Clark, you'll meet Sioux chiefs, and travel with the legendary Shoshone Sacagawea. You'll feel great excitement as the party nears the long-sought ocean and hears "the roaring noise made by waves breaking on rocky shores"