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Endorsement Information

The Utah State Office of Education (USOE), in collaboration with the Utah Education Network (UEN), has created an e-mail list for science teachers to learn more about Utah science events and professional development. Click here to register.

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Science Endorsement Application
Secondary School Endorsement

Science Courses by Required Secondary Science Endorsement

Endorsement Courses

Online Science Endorsement

USOE offers several online endorsement courses in partnership with the UEN and Southern Utah University (SUU).

These courses are designed with two things in mind:

  • content
  • and improving science instructional strategies

The courses are offered in a semester setting and require 4-6 hours a week of coursework. Due to the time commitment, teachers are only allowed to sign up for two classes per semester.

UEN Online Science Courses

Schedule and Registration

Spring 2015 (January - April)

  • Biochemistry
  • Ecology
  • Geology
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • Physics 2

Professional Development:

  • Engineering for Science Educators
  • Physical Science for Elementary Educators: Chemistry
  • Safety Certification

Summer 2015 (May - August)

  • Earth Systems Science 
  • Meteorology
  • Modern Physics
  • Principles of Inorganic Chemistry 2
  • Zoology

Professional Development:

  • Elementary Science: Intended Learning Outcomes (ILO's)
  • Physical Science for Elementary Educators: Physics
  • Safety Certification

Fall 2015 (August - December)

  • Astronomy
  • Evolutionary Biology
  • Physics 1
  • Principles of Inorganic Chemistry 1

Professional Development:

  • Engineering for Science Educators
  • Safety Certification

Utah Science Teachers Association (USTA)
USTA partners with local colleges and universities to connect teachers from across the state with the courses they need for endorsements. 

For all courses counting toward endorsement credit, you must select to have the course documented on a transcript and pay any associated documentation fees. You can then submit that transcript with your secondary science endorsement application. If it is not documented on a transcript, you will not be able to use the course to meet an endorsement requirement.