Utah Preparing Students Today for a Rewarding Tomorrow (UPSTART)

UPSTART (Utah Code: 53A-1a-1001), is an in-home, technology-delivered kindergarten readiness program that is designed to give Utah four-year-olds an individualized reading, mathematics, and science curriculum with a focus on reading. Children participate in the program the year before they attend kindergarten. The UPSTART Program is administered by the Waterford Institute.

Training and Support

Parents and caregivers in both English and Spanish, and qualifying families without them may receive a Chromebook and Internet during the time they are in the program.

During 2015-2016 the UPSTART Program will serve 6,622 children. While all Utah children are eligible to participate in UPSTART, legislation extending the UPSTART Program gave participation priority to low-income families and families that are not native English speakers.

Program Costs

UPSTART legislation also charged the Utah State Board of Education (USBE) with working with the Waterford Institute to establish a price for the program so that families that cannot be served by state funding can pay to participate in the program. For 2015-2016, the price is $725. Families must provide their own computers and Internet access. 

For more information, please contact the Waterford Institute at 1 (800) 669-4533.

Program Evaluation Reports