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How old does my child have to be to enter kindergarten?
Your child must turn five before September 2nd of the enrolling year. Prior preschool attendance is not a means to circumvent the law.  

When do kindergarten classes start?
Each district chooses a date to begin school. Although most start mid-to-late August, some year-round schools start in late July and others do not begin until September. Most schools will hold kindergarten registration in the spring before the upcoming school year. This is a good time to find out the exact day of the beginning of school.

I’ve heard that not all kindergarteners start school on the same day. Is this true?
In many school districts, kindergarteners do not start school on the same day as the rest of the school. Many schools reserve the first few days of school for individual interviews with parents and students. Your child will have a scheduled meeting time during these first days to visit the new classroom and meet the teacher. The teacher may also conduct an assessment of your child. Take advantage of this time by helping your child become acquainted with the school and classroom. Ask the teacher questions that you might have and let your child anticipate the learning and activities that might take place during the year.

Following the completion of the interviews, kindergarten classes will begin for all students.

I am interested in enrolling my child in a preschool but do not know how to find one. Can you help?
Your local school district has preschool services for children with special needs. It may also offer Title 1 preschool classes or classes that require tuition payment.

I would like to enroll my child in Head Start. Who do I contact?
The Head Start Collaboration Office can help you find the center nearest you. E-mail jforsgre [at] doh [dot] state [dot] ut [dot] us ( )or call (801) 538-9312.

How do I go about setting up my own preschool, and what are the requirements?
The State Office of Education does not oversee private preschools. You will have to obtain a business license through your city government office. If your preschool will also offer child care and you are interested in obtaining a license, you will go through the same licensing procedure as child care centers. See Utah Department of Health.

You may also have your preschool accredited nationally by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. To view their new accreditation standards go to Accredited Program Search.