Reading Endorsement

The Utah State Office of Education (USOE) does not offer courses for the Reading Endorsement. There are many quality programs in the state that offer the required courses. The following contact list is not comprehensive (please e-mail  jennifer[dot]throndsen[at]schools[dot]utah[dot]gov(Jennifer Throndsen) if your information is missing), but you can e-mail the contact person to ask about their availability of classes, schedule, etc.

  • Brigham Young University (BYU): Joyce Terry, (801) 422-4646,
  • Summit Academy (USOE or SUU credit): Lisa Cutler, (801) 572-4166, (Also runs Level 2)
  • Utah State University (USU): Sylvia Read, (435) 797-0382,
  • Utah Valley University (UVU): Dr. Mary Sowder,
  • University of Utah (UofU): Dr. Jan Dole,


Level 1
The Utah Reading Endorsement offers practicing elementary and secondary teachers an opportunity become reading specialists. The purpose of this program is to strengthen reading achievement of Utah's school children by providing their teachers with additional skills and knowledge for augmenting classroom reading instruction in grades K-12.

The Level 1 Reading Endorsement requires a passing score on a PRAXIS content knowledge test and seven (7) graduate-level courses taken within the last eight (8) years. The application for the Level Reading Endorsement can be downloaded here.

The PRAXIS Teaching Reading (0204 or 5204) test must be passed with a score of 159 or higher. More information about the test, including test prep materials and registration can be found at ( This requirement was instituted on Janunary 1, 2011, and any application submitted after that date is required to have a passing Praxis score.

The following seven course frameworks demonstrate the depth and breadth of the expected curriculum within a course meeting that requirement. Reading endorsement courses are aligned to Utah’s instructional goals and Core Standards as well as to the International Reading Association Standards.

  1. Foundations of Literacy Instruction
  2.  Content Area Reading and Writing Instruction
  3. Reading Assessment & Instructional Interventions
  4. Instructional Implications of Literacy Development
  5. Reading Comprehension Instruction
  6. Writing Instruction
  7. Instruction with Literature & Informational Texts for Children and Young Adults

The Utah Level 1 Reading Endorsement Frameworks revised by a committee comprised of university faculty and district specialists in 2012-2013. Ongoing review of the courses will be conducted as follows:

     Spring 2014:    Writing Instruction
                            Reading Comprehension Instruction

     Fall 2014:         Reading Assessment & Instructional Interventions
                            Instructional Implications of Literacy Development

     Spring 2015:    Foundations of Literacy Instruction
                            Content Area Reading and Writing Instruction

     Fall 2015:         Instruction with Literature & Information Texts for Children and Young Adults
                            Writing Instruction

Universities currently offering these courses must have syllabi and instructor vitas on file with USOE.

If you are an institution that would like to demonstrate your alignment to the Utah Level 1 Reading Endorsement Frameworks, please submit the following to the K-12 Literacy Coordinator, Jennifer Throndsen, via jennifer.throndsen[at]

  1. Contact information for the person submitting the information. 
  2. Official university course description, including course level designation.
  3. Current syllabus for the course being taught.
  4. Written summary of the alignment between the Utah Framework and the proposed class, including documentation or artifacts as needed.
  5. List of instructors for the course and current curriculum vita (Utah requires a minimum of a Master’s degree and Level 2 reading endorsement for course instructors).

Level 2 Reading Endorsement
Teachers who have obtained a Level I Endorsement and who want to work as school- or district-level literacy coaches will want to complete the Level 2 Endorsement. This endorsement provides a systems-level perspective on literacy instruction and program design and will deepen the candidate’s knowledge of literacy instruction and implementation. The application for this endorsement can be found here.

Other information about the Reading Endorsement

Utah Reading Endorsement Correlation with the International Reading Association Standards for Reading Professionals

International Reading Association