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Utah Standards Academy

The Utah Core Standards impact every school, teacher, administrator, and student in Utah. The Utah Standards Academy is designed to provide a common platform of conversation and language throughout the state to support teachers’ and districts’ awareness and understanding of the Standards that will guide their instructional practice. Districts are encouraged to create their own plans for continued development using those teachers who have facilitated and attended the Academy as a resource.

The 2014 Academy will provide high quality instruction in mathematics, English/language arts, social studies, and science to complement and support the integration of the Utah Core Standards and to ensure that all Utah students are college and career ready.

Locations, Courses, Course Descriptions, and Directions for the 2014 Utah Standards Academy

The Utah Standards Academy would not be possible without the partnership of our districts providing locations. Thank you!

Registration Information

April 14

Registration opens on OnTrack statewide! All teachers are invited to register. 

Directions for registering in Utah Standards Academy

  1. Go to
  2. Login to OnTrack:
    Username: firstname.lastname
    Password: CACTUS ID Number
    What is my CACTUS ID Number?
  3. On the OnTrack homepage (after you have logged in), select the Yellow tab, Professional Learning
  4. To register for any of the Academy courses, search the course title "Utah Standards Academy"
  5. When the search results return, select the blue course title for the course you want to attend (Subject and Grade Level) Please note that there are Level 1 and Level 2 courses in elementary Mathematics and elementary ELA
  6. On the next screen, select the Register button next to the location/date that you would like to attend
  7. On the next screen, select the Next button which will complete the registration process
  8. You will receive a registration email to the email address that you have listed in OnTrack.

    How do I change my email address in OnTrack? At the top of the page there is a Sign Out button and also a My Profile button. Click the My Profile button and then the Edit button on the next page. You may change or update your password, e-mail address, demographics, and locations from this page.

Core Academy registration is prioritized by the following:

  1. Current teachers employed in Utah public schools (charter or district);
  2. Current teachers in Utah private schools;
  3. Utah teachers who are not currently teaching; and
  4. Teachers from out-of-state. Core Academy is free of charge for participants in category 1; there is a fee of $100 for participants in categories 2-4.

OnTrack Professional Learning Center

Utah State Office of Education (USOE) Core Standards

If you have questions about registration, please e-mail Tiffany Hall.