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Standards for Grades K-5

The Utah Standards for Library Media (Grades K-5) will be revised and updated beginning in the 2014-2015 school year. This page will be updated as the process begins to provide information to the public.


The following information refers to the current Standards.

Strand One: Information Literacy

Strand One, Information Literacy Table

Information literacy is the ability to access, evaluate, and apply information in a variety of formats. This process allows students to be critical users of information, develop high standards for their work, and create quality products to communicate what they learn. 


Bibliographic Forms and Suggested Projects Appendix

Strand Two: Literature

Strand Two Literature Table

The purpose of the literature strand is to enrich a student's life by encouraging reading for pleasure, enrichment, and information. Students must have access to an abundance of books in all formats and other resources at varied interest and ability levels. These Resources must provide for a wide range of learning styles in a diverse population.

Literature develops the student's imagination and nurtures their thinking process, proving wide and lifelong application.

Strand Three: Media Literacy

Strand Three, Media Literacy Table

The aim of media literacy is for the students to make healthy and wise choices as a consumer of media. Students who are media literate are able to deal critically with local and mass media. As with information literacy, media literacy includes the ability to access, analyze, evaluate, and communicate information in a variety of formats, both print and non-print. The media literacy encourages balance by empowering the student to make informed choices, take responsibility as a learner, and as a member of society. Students must use judgment in managing media through awareness, analysis, and evaluation. Media literacy is education for social empowerment.

Top Ten Tips for Using Media Wisely


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